Southern Illinois Community Resources

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If you would like your organization or service to be added to this page, please contact us at or 618-453-7130.

Advocacy and Family Support

•ARC Community Support System: 217-347-088
•Equip for Equality: 618-457-7930
•Family Counseling Center, Inc., Vienna:
•Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center: 866-436-7842
•Illinois Federation for Families: 618-658-2059
•Autism Society of Southern Illinois: 314-690-3855
•Autism Society Academy of Southern Illinois:
•Illinois Respite Coalition: 773-205-3627

Applied Behavior Analyis (ABA) Therapy

•Language & Cognition Development Clinic (ages 3 - 13): 618-453-7131
•ABA of Illinois: 309-635-6513

Diagnostic Evaluations

•Knights of Columbus, St. Louis  (6 and under):
317-453-7130 or
•Hope Institute, Edwardsville: 217-525-8332
•St. John's Mercy Medical Center, St. Louis:


•Herrin Southern Illinois Healthcare: 618-993-3300
•Anna Little, MD: 618-519-9200
•Shawnee Healthcare:


•Illinois Centre Health Care/Shawnee Health:
•Union County Counseling Service: 618-833-8551
•St. Mary's Behavioral Health: 618-998-0888
•Department of Psychiatry, SIU Medical School:
•Family Counseling Center, Inc., Vienna: 618-658-2611
•Centerstone: 618-457-6703
•Sarah Dyer, Ph.D Comprehensive Psychological Assessments: 618-744-7373

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

•Mindfulness & Acceptance Clinic (ages 6 - adulthood): 618-453-7130 or
•ABA of Illinois: 309-635-6513
•SIU Clinical Center: 618-453-2361

Adult, Residential, or Transitional Services

•Evaluation and Development Center: 618-453-3233
•S.T.A.R.T: 618-687-2378
•Illinois Center for Autism: 618-398-7500
•Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services:
•Brehm Preparatory School: 618-457-0371
•Transitions to Independence at Brehm: 618-549-4201
•Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living:
618-457-3318 (Carbondale), 618-252-7233 (Harrisburg), 618-625-2303 (Sesser)

Early Intervention

•Child and Family Connections: 618-532-4919

Speech & Occupational Therapy

•Speech and Language Clinic (ages 2-5):
618-453-7130 or
•SIU Clinical Center: 618-453-2361
•Speech and Language Development Center:
•Memorial Hospital of Carbondale: 618-549-0721
•Synergy Therapeutic Group: 618-529-4360 (Carbondale), 618-542-8950 (DuQuoin), 618-244-2213 (Mt. Vernon)


•SIU Clinical Center: 618-453-2361
•Jeffrey Kellogg, Carbondale ages 6+: 618-457-4488
•Vienna Rural Health, ages 6+: 618-658-2811
•Vivian Sierra, Belleville: 618-233-9355
•Kathryn Neeley, Carbondale: 618-457-2700
•Frank Kosmicki, Carbondale, Adolescent:
•Gloria Debuljuk, adolescent: 618-457-4488